Offshore Risk & Captive Insurance

Depending on your business, you may attract an unusually high degree of risk. Because of this, the cost of insurance and liabilities may be prohibitive, or nearly impossible to obtain. We’ve developed a speciality practice area in the “offshoring of risk” through the creation of special insurance vehicles in other locations around the world.

We can help your corporate entity create its own insurance company through a special vehicle called a “captive” - this entity then charges you an insurance premium as self-insurance, priced by an independent actuary.

Sure, the premiums are still high. But you’re paying your own entity. Doing this creates a form of savings that acts as a buffer for a deductible in the event of loss, and you can use your premiums to re-insure (an insurance provider who insures your insurance entity).

Sound complicated?  It is! We’ve successfully helped hard to insure clients and been wildly successful - we can walk you through the process to see if this service is the right fit for your business.

Strategic Government Relations

Our dynamic team has experience in government and policy development. We combine this internal strength with external partners who can provide government lobbying and procurement advice.

When you retain our services, you get the added protection and coordination of a law firm with the benefits of government relations and lobbying advice.

We work to keep your legal and government relationships advice unified. You have the security of a law firm ensuring that your lobbyists - and you - are compliant with Canada’s and Ontario’s strict lobbying rules.

Parliamentary Affairs & Protocol

We have team members who are also experts in parliamentary process and protocol. We provide representation before administrative and regulatory bodies of all kinds, and can help you prepare for presentations to legislative committees; prepare submissions to have tabled in parliament; and help you draft legislative and policy suggestions for a political or policy cause you’re advancing.

Our extensive network across Canada and abroad allows us to coordinate when dealing with Canadian or foreign governments. Whether it’s related to compliance, legal or regulatory, market access, procurement, business intelligence, or protection, we have partners on the ground at home and abroad who know what “you need to know.”