Corporate, Commercial & Contract Disputes

When business relationships go sour, things can go wrong and emotions can run high. These dispute often result in someone being sued. Whether it’s you being sued, or you need to sue someone, it’s an incredibly arduous and expensive process.

As your law firm, we are prepared for the fight. Regardless of what side you’re on, we can assist you with:

  • Negligence Claims (Corporate or Personal)

  • Contract Disputes of All Kinds

  • Shareholder Claims and Director & Officer Liability

  • Excess Claims

  • Civil Forfeiture and Government Seizure

  • Locum, Agency and 2nd Chair Support for Other Lawyers

We’re committed to helping your business succeed. Whether preparing contracts or preparing for court, we’ve got you covered.

Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation covers the muddy waters of private lawsuits between businesses or individuals. These cases require a strong lawyer with sound judgment and who knows the rules of the Court.

These highly emotional lawsuits are often the result of a contractual dispute - disagreements over property ownership, defamation, estate contestations, financial or physical harm. We work with you as a guide to shoulder the stresses of these disputes and explain in plain language every step.

Regardless of which party starts the lawsuit, team is ready to start or defend you or your business.

Mediation & Arbitration

Despite our professional desire to argue in court, we’re focused on getting to a solution through mediation and arbitration. Going to Court is expensive, time consuming, and stressful. You need litigation counsel that is both tough and practical.

It’s our standard practice to include mediation and arbitration clauses within your legal documents to try and avoid this costly endeavour. This isn’t just for business owners. If you have another legal document where we can encourage this route, we promise to find a way to solve your problems outside of the Court system. It’s cheaper, faster, and confidential.

If all else fails, we can and will vociferously represent you in Court or Arbitration!

International Commercial Arbitration

Starting a new international venture is exciting. It’s our job as your legal team to ensure you’re prepared for your business obligations at home and abroad by helping you establish systems that limit international liability.

Our familiarity with offshore and foreign markets ensures that your contracts are clear and compliant, and that your corporate structures are set up to protect you.

Because each foreign jurisdiction has different rules and regulations, we advise our clients to push for internationally recognized and private-sector dispute resolution protocols that divert disputes to internationally recognized mediators and arbitrators. These protocols are faster, cheaper and just as effective. Unlike Court, they aren’t public and generally remain confidential, which is critical for your business’ reputation.