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We are lawyers in downtown Toronto who can help you with all of your estate planning (wills, powers of attorney, trusts), estate administration (probate, estate disputes), general litigation, and business law needs. 

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What we do

Civis Law LLP is focused   Estate Law  &  Business LAw

Estate & Trust Planning

Estate Planning provides peace of mind to you and your loved ones. With our help, you don't have to worry about what the future may bring. After reviewing your personal situation and financial matters with you, we can assist you by:

  • drafting Wills that reflect your needs and wishes
  • reviewing existing Wills and making amendments if necessary;
  • preparing Powers of Attorney for Property and for Personal Care for when you are alive but unable to make property and/or health care decisions; and,
  • preparing Advance Directives ("Living Wills") to assist Attorneys for Personal Care in making medical decisions, including end-of-life decisions.

Trusts, whether created during your lifetime by trust deed or written into a Will and triggered at death, can also be an important estate planning tool for you.  Such trusts include:

  • trusts for children under the age of majority;
  • Henson Trusts for beneficiaries with special needs or disabilities;
  • spousal trusts to support a second spouse during his/her lifetime with the capital reverting to the children of the first marriage after the death of the second spouse; and,
  • house and cottage trusts to control the asset over a longer period.

We also welcome the opportunity to work closely with your accountant, financial planner, and investment advisor. 

Substitute Decision-Making

You may find yourself in a situation where a friend or family member did not prepare Powers of Attorney for Property or Personal Care but has become incapacitated.  With several options available, we can guide you through the steps to become a Guardian of that person.

We can also advise Attorneys and Guardians regarding the many substitute decisions they may need to make during the person's incapacity and can assist families with Consent and Capacity Board hearings. 


The shock of losing someone can be overwhelming and confusing.  We can assist you through the convoluted estate administration process, whether the person left a Will or not, by:

  • offering straightforward advice through the entire administration process, including issues around spousal and beneficiary rights;
  • preparing the necessary court documents for probate;
  • providing as-needed administrative support to executors, including notifications, asset location and disposal, and property management.

You may also find yourself acting as a trustee of a trust and we can provide you with effective and practical advice, assistance, and representation throughout the lifetime of the trust. 

Estate & Trust Litigation

Sadly, sometimes estate or trust administration does not go smoothly and we can assist executors and/or beneficiaries with any estate and trust disputes, including challenging or defending: 

  • the validity of Wills or trust deeds;
  • the appointment of executors;
  • the decisions of the executors;
  • the removal or substitution of executors.

We can also assist executors and beneficiaries with applications:

  • seeking direction or advice from the court; and,
  • for court approval of the financial accounts of executors and attorneys for property. 

Business & Commercial Law

We are also entrepreneurs and business owners and understand the unique needs of people like you who are braving the marketplace, whether this is your first business or you're an experienced hand. 

As your experienced business advisor, we can assist you with:

  • through the entire incorporation process of your business from initial structural planning to post-incorporation documentation;
  • ongoing legally-mandated corporate record-keeping;
  • planning and implementation of corporate reorganizations;
  • timely advice to directors and officers on:
    • governance issues;
    • corporate social responsibility;
    • doing business with governments, associations, and other businesses;
  • drafting, reviewing and negotiating:
    • hareholder agreements;
    • share purchase agreements;
    • contracts and agreements of all kinds;
    • promissory notes; 
    • confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements;
  • specialized advice and guidance for not‐for‐profits, industry association and charitable organizations; and,
  • all of your independent legal advice (ILA) needs. 

Commercial Litigation

When things go wrong, you need litigation counsel that is both tough but also practical and focused on getting to a solution through mediation and arbitration.  We act as litigation counsel for both plaintiffs and defendants and can assist with:  

  • negligence claims, both corporate or personal;
  • contracts disputes of all kinds;
  • shareholder claims and director & officer liability;
  • excess claim or under-insured insurance defence where you are sued for more money than your insurance policy is worth or more than your insurer is willing to cover;
  • civil forfeiture and government seizure;
  • representation before administration bodies of all kinds;
  • locum, agency and 2nd chair support for other lawyers 


Having a full‐time lawyer on staff can be expensive while paying big law firms their high‐hourly rates can rack up huge external legal bills.  With our In‐House “External” Counsel service, you ‘time‐share’ a lawyer to manage your ongoing legal issues, needs.   You get a predictable flat‐fee model that can save you money and give you the legal cover you need.

Notary Public, Oaths & Affidavits

Each of our lawyers is a Notary Public and we can assist with any notarial needs you might have and can also commission your oaths/affirmations for affidavits, statutory declarations and travel letters.


If we can't help you, we'd be pleased to refer you to someone who can.